When to consult a heart specialist?

Heart Specialist in Dubai

A cardiologist is a doctor who specializes in treating and diagnosing diseases and problems related to the heart and circulatory system. A lot of the people are still unaware of the role of a heart specialist. This is why they tend to visit doctors who are unable to figure out the actual cause of discomfort or pain and keep prescribing irrelevant medicines. For this reason, people need to be educated about this to be able to see a heart specialist in Dubai for their problem instead of consulting a general physician for complex issues. While most of us are aware of the fact that a cardiologist is a specialized doctor who treats diseases related to the heart. However, what most of us do not know is that the cardiovascular system of the body is more than just a heart. There can be many other problems related to the system which might now show any sign of discomfort in the heart. Hence, below are mentioned some of the common signs which indicate that you or someone you know might need to consult a heart specialist for a clear diagnosis and absolute treatment.

  1. Chest pain that occurs due to the abnormal blood flow in the body. A lot of the people also feel pain in there left shoulder before a heart attack.
  2. Shortness of breath or dizziness which elevates with the increase in physical activities. Aged people should not ignore this sign as its common for them to experience coronary artery disease.
  3. High blood pressure can be dangerous when you are aged as it makes it difficult for the circulatory system to operate properly, resulting in a stroke.
  4. Other than that, if you smoke, have diabetes, high cholesterol, or a family history of the heart diseases then also it becomes necessary to keep visiting a cardiologist from time to time.

Responsibilities and role of a heart specialist

Dubai London Clinic As mentioned above, a cardiologist is a lot more than just a specialized physician for treating heart diseases. In order to make it more clear and definite, here are some of the common roles of a heart specialist in Dubai that make them the absolute choice for curing mild/severe medical complications.

  • To monitor the blood pressure to deeply study the blood flow in the body and if there is any risk related to heart disease/stroke.
  • To prescribe ECG for patients with symptoms and high risk of the abnormal cardiovascular activities to prevent greater damage in the form of heart attack.
  • To perform angiography for patients to remain confident on the stance of diagnosing a heart disease due to the inadequate blood flow.
  • BP and ECG monitoring that remains ambulatory to make sure that the patient is not facing discomfort due to exertion.
  • To observe heart ultrasound to notice the sound waves or live picture of the heart.
  • To execute echocardiography to obtain a full high dimensional picture of the heart insides, arteries, and congenital heart defects.
  • To operate and place pacemaker after the surgery for an improved heart rate and circulatory system.

Source: dubailondonclinic.com