Cruise Through Dubai in Style with a Chevrolet Impala

If you want to cruise through Dubai, the desert oasis of the UAE, a car rental is one of the best ways to do it. You can choose to hire a Chevrolet Impala to explore the city in style. When you decide that a car rental is a way to go, look for a company that offers quality service. It is not uncommon to find people opting to visit Dubai for just a day and want quality transport services. For this class of individuals, deciding to rent the Chevrolet Impala is the most cost-effective option.

Benefits of Hiring the Chevrolet Impala

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The flagship Chevy sedan is an elegant car with a roomy cabin. You can choose between the 197HP V6 engine or the 305HP 3.6-litre engine. This sedan is also fitted with the latest electronics such as Bluetooth, an 8-inch screen, and Apple CarPlay. You will enjoy driving the Chevy, with the superb handling it offers. The stand out Chevy Impala models are the 2014 and 2017 editions. When compared there are only minor changes between the two in terms of specifications.

If you are going to be hauling around a lot of luggage, this ride is perfect for you. It features 19 cubic feet of storage space. It is also quiet with a great chassis, which makes it easy to take rounded corners despite being a large sedan. Impala can reach speeds of up to 132MPH for the 4-cylinder version while the V6 can hit 149MPH with ease. You can buy extra features such as GPS, collision damage waiver, and safety seats for kids and infants. Most rental companies limit the maximum mileage allowance to 200KM per day. This is more what you will need to traverse Dubai in a day.

Tips on Driving in Dubai

Chevrolet Impala for 250 AED Per Day

For you to be allowed to drive this Chevy Impala, you only need to have a driving license and the same needs to be verified by the car rental company. Additionally, it would be a good idea for you to educate yourself about the rules and regulations of Dubai’s roads, which are easy to understand if you already own a driving license. If you plan to visit malls in Dubai, you will be pleased to learn that they have underground parking spaces. You will not have trouble to find parking spots and you will surely not experience theft or vandalism.

Another reason to hire a car in Dubai is that most parking is free for a few hours. This is more time than you will spend at any one spot. If you exceed the given period, you will need validation from the shopping complex, or you might have to pay up to 50 AED. The roads in Dubai are also perfect. When you’re on the highway, you can really step on it as you enjoy the perfectly maintained expansive roads. Hire a Chevrolet Impala for 250 AED per day to enjoy Dubai comfortably.