The Medical Service Center laboratory conducts various examination and analysis of labs. We practise operative and accurate methods of testing in multiple spheres.

  • Laboratory Hematologic examination: clinical blood analysis, immunohematological research, blood-group specificity, alloimmune antibodies, coagulogy.
  • Biochemical examination: glucose and carbohydrate metabolites, proteins and amino acids, metabolic syndrome, low-molecular nitrogenous compounds, pigments, lipids, ferments, vitamins, specific proteins, drug monitoring, urine biological chemistry.
  • Hormonal examination: laboratory examination of a somatotropic hypophysary function, laboratory examination of a hypophysary-paranephic system, laboratory examination of a thyroid function, laboratory examination of a hormonal regulation of calcium and phosphorus, laboratory examination of hormonal regulation of a reproductive system and pregnancy monitoring.
  • Immunologic examination: laboratory examination of humoral and cellular immunity.
  • Urinoscopy.
  • Fecal matter studies.
  • LabsSeminal fluid studies.
  • Cytologic screening.
  • Histologic examination.
  • Diagnostics of liver pathology without biopsy.
  • Dysbiotic condition of intestinal: general examination of microbial population, examination of a urogenital tract.
  • Diagnostics of infectious diseases: HIV, T-lymphotropic virus, rubeola, roseola, parotitis, stomach flu, papilloma virus infection, tick-borne encephalitis, fusarium infections, candidia infection, helminthoses.
  • Genetic disposition examination.