Esthetic Medicine

Baro-laser massageEsthetic medicine includes numerous fields of cosmetology. Medical Service Center offers a wide range of cosmetological services.

  • Baro-laser massage – a kind of hardware massage, which combines laser radiation and vacuum effect. A procedure widens capillaries and arterial vessels, activating blood circulation and lypolysis.
  • Laser cosmetology is one of the most advantageous medicine fields, which provides a wide range of opportunities for treatment of esthetic and dermatological skin problems. At Medical Service Center we use the latest-generation equipment, which is safe for patients and convenient for personnel use.
  • Meso therapy is a perfect way to renew a skin condition and make it healthier. A procedure allows to inject necessary minerals, vitamins, collagen, elastin and amino acids into skin. The result can be seen after the first procedure.
  • Laser cosmetologySupersonic facial cleansing is a pleasant gentle cosmetic process, which massages skin, cleans it without pressing, activates blood circulation and stimulates collagen and elastin generation. Supersonic technique includes three effective cleansing methods: mechanic, thermal and chemical.
  • Photo-epilation is a modern way of hair removal with a use of highly pulsed light on any body areas. The procedure is aimed at hair bulbs heating and their further disintegration. A lightwave also stimulates collagen and elastin generation for fast and efficient skin regeneration.
  • Contour correction can be performed in a few techniques, according to customer indications. The techniques are based on hyaluronic acid, absorbable sutures or calcium hydroxylapatite.