I found Medical Service Center in Internet and got an appointment with a cosmetologist. I was going to make a meso therapy procedure, but after a comprehensive consultation, a doctor has suggested a different treatment. I didn't regret to follow the prescription, as I got a cheaper and more suitable for my appearance specifics medical option. I see my doctor every half a year! Thank you, Harriet, for an honest and selfless work!

Jessie Martins, 28


I have a chronic ear disease, and so I have to go through an annual treatment. I am able to compare specialists in this field, as I've been suffering from a disease for 10 years. I appreciate careful approach and comprehensive explanation of specialist's actions. I always feel relaxed at procedures, even though they are not pleasant. Thank you for care and attention!

Marcus Barrios, 32


Being employed by a cruise company, I have to go through a full medical examination every year. The most important thing for me at this point is operational efficiency, so I can be at work in time and don't spend days at clinics. I always get my papers in time, forms are filled in accurately according to my requirements. Thanks everyone at Medical Service Center!

Brian Carmon, 35


A few months ago I started to fight against varicose veins. I am glad that I wasn't rushed in taking any radical decisions. A doctor was patient and was glad to explain to me all the details of surgery and cosmetological methods. Unfortunately, my situation needed operative treatment, while I hoped to be advised sclerotherapy. I am glad that I received an effective treatment due to my doctor's professionalism. Thank you!

Viva Consulting, 44