Surgery departmentSurgery department is specialized in all surgical and gynecological operations. Our technologies allow to substitute a long-term hospitalization treatment with safe and efficient comfortable medical methods. The maximum term of a patient stay at our clinic after a surgery is three days. There is a sterilization room at the center disposal.

Surgery department is specialized in a number of medical directions:

  • General surgery practises laser skin resurfacing, painless treatment of ingrown nail, removal of neoplasms, warts, moles, pappilomas, scars, tattoos and vascularity spots.
  • Oral and facial surgery is a surgical service, directed at correction of inborn or acquired defects and deformations of maxillo-facial area and neck. The Medical Service Center conditions allow to conduct short-term and long surgeries with a use of local or general anesthesia. There are comfortable stationary patient rooms for postoperative and post anesthetic supervision. Further medical support is performed out patiently.
  • Surgery roomProctology services include exsection of epithelial tailbone ruptures, hemorrhoidectomy, laser exsection of rectal polyps and perianal condyloma, treatment of chronic or acute periproctitis.
  • Plastic surgery involves plastic operations of ears, eyelids and lips, laser liposuction, dermabrasion, scars treatment and tattoo removal. The brand new technology in the plastic surgery field is phlebology – sclerosing therapy, laser coagulation for varicosity treatment.
  • Gynecological surgery is an operative treatment of anabrosis, condylomas and polyps, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, labiaplasty.
  • Ambulatory surgery is a laser correction of skin defects and vascular skin pathologies with a possibility of neoplasma removal.