The Medical Service Center personnel is a team of the highly qualified multidisciplinary specialists. The Medical Service Center management is proud to support personnel advanced trainings and professional knowledge and skills upgrade, as well as hosting annual medical seminars. We practise individual customer approach, qualitative services delivery and friendly assistance.



Carla Ellek, head doctor of Medical Service Center, board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest qualification grade, urogynecology surgeon

Years of experience: 30

Thyroid specialist

Samer Kuraishi, board-certified thyroid specialist

Years of experience: 42

General physician

Robert Slack, board-certified general physician, cardiologist

Years of experience: 28


Dominick Martinez, board-certified otolaryngologist

Years of experience: 22

Ultrasonic medical investigation specialist

Riley Smith, board-certified ultrasonic medical investigation specialist

Years of experience: 14


Sep Niakan, board-certified neurologist, psycologist

Years of experience: 18


Miriam Senor, board-certified gastroenterologist, proctologist

Years of experience: 10


Harriet Martin, board-certified homeopath therapist, cosmetologist

Years of experience: 8