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Is MRI safe?

A large majority of patients are worried about the MRI scan and have a few reservations about it. But the results have proved that it is an easy, beneficial, less timely and best way of obtaining the anatomical diagnostic information of humans.

How can you become a pediatric dentist?

It is the responsibility of a paediatric surgeon to ease young patients into dental care so that they do not develop an irrational fear of the dentist's office later in life. They are required to be reassuring and friendly to soothe the nerves of their young patients.

Who is a gastroenterologist? Why should you consult one?

The doctor you should consult is based on a number of factors- especially your symptoms. While in some cases, the need for a gastroenterologist will be clear, in other cases, there might be some room for doubt.

Benefits offered by Icare

Icare consists of a team of professional doctors and pharmacists who have an experience of more than 5 to 10 years in the healthcare industry. Icare is backed by experienced staff as well as qualified nurses who will come to your home and provide nursing services to you.

IntraLasik Eye Surgery

Intralasik works by creating a flap on the surface of the cornea for a laser to be able to remedy the refractive error on the underlying corneal tissue, leading to a permanent solution.

What To Know About Hair Transplants

Hair transplants make use of the existing hair of the patient to plant grafts in places where hair growth it needed, and usually take about six hours to perform.

Signs That Show You Need Anger Management in Dubai

There are various situations which can make a person burst out with emotions. That is natural. There is a healthy anger residing in every one of us. But when it becomes excessive, professional help for anger management in Dubai is required. Know the signs and symptoms to figure out your problem.